Land of Histria

LAND OF HISTRIA is a series of 15 ink drawings on paper inspired by Istrian landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife. The series is a result of artist‘s prolonged stay in Istria and his cultural exploration of its parts during the summer of 2015.

Wrong Time Wrong Place Book

Davor Gromilovic’s book Wrong Time – Wrong Place represents a summary of art periods from 2009 to 2014. The book consist of 4 chapters (Six feet deep, I can’t play football, From somewhere to nowhere, Crystallization) of carefully selected artworks on more than 250 pages. Text was written by curator Amalija Stojsavljevic and translated into English and Hungarian language. The book was  published in 2015 by Symposion and Forum.


Line of artworks developed into a series of paintings, drawings and silk-screen prints created during the 2013/14. Crystallization is all about observing and questioning my own beliefs, reconstruction of memories, dreams and fantasy, the clash between natural and artificial, human and animal afflictions. The meaning behind the process of creating these artworks was to depict my own way of thinking to myself.

Midnight Travel at Sea

Series of 30 drawings created during 2013’s travel along the Adriatic coasts.  Drawings are formed as a set of similar stories happening during the night at a fictional costal region. They were inspired by the travel itself and complimented with imagination and fantasy, so the drawings seem to resemble some kind of night fairy tale. All of the drawings were made using only ink on paper.

From Somewhere to Nowhere

Paintings created in the period of 2012/13, inspired by fables, tradition, customs and the culture of Balkan, folk art and fairy tales. These artworks feature the utopic space and time which somehow seem familiar, as if they really existed somewhere and sometime in past. Reminiscences and childhood memories intertwine with today’s stances and viewpoints accompanied by the conflict of inner and outer worlds.